The Very Top Of The Line Kite Surfing Gear For 2015

kitesurfing-gearThis infant has a pedigree of unsurpassed functionality in comparison to another kite to date. The Ozone Edge Kite is also called its freeride operation, the race winner and high air capabilities actually parlays from other kites.

Prototype research was continuing and advanced to make this dream design, and after innumerable prototype testing, scientists have found that by simply combining design notions they’ve generated the parameters that identify the Ozone Edge Kite. This translates to incredible ability and progressive pull for freeriders, supplying a generous boost when they want it to them. In addition, it interprets to upwind and downwind the necessary speed and power along with impressive performance for kite racers.

The 2014 Ozone Edge Kite additionally features:

It combines layout, materials and the most innovative technologies to create the most top-notch operation potential. It possesses the mix of power, sophistication and sensuality of design brilliance that is pure.

This masterpiece of unbelievable engineering that is lightweight represents on CrazyFly for expertise that is exceptional in every area of carbon fiber technology. A midsize CF Elite Twintip Kiteboard quantifies 136 x 41 cm, now the plank itself weighs an unbelievable 1 940 gs. Whole on account of all the accessories just 2 860 gs are weighed by the Elite. That makes it the lightest plank in the kitesurfing gear sector.

HMX-CF carbon uses Nanotechnology, which includes reinforced epoxy resin and a T1000G carbon fiber. Such a bonding between fibers is an improved production process in comparison to other ones that are more conventional. This makes the T1000G the maximum tensile strength fiber on the planet! $1,400.00 is a little cost to pay for this exceptional piece of top-notch kitesurfing gear that divides it from the remainder.

With top of the line kitesurfing spots in Phuket in this way, maybe you are searching for a super lightweight, sturdy and long-lasting management bar to choose it.

Made of 100% European stuff that comply with international security standards, using a fresh and improved quick release as well as a brand new stainless steel lever mechanism in to reduce pressure, allowing the security of the CF Sick Bar more easy to activate. A fresh feature that is additional is the rim at the very best of the rapid release to get an improved grasp when engaging the launch. Priced at $449.00

Kitesurfing Packages

Kite Surfing Bundle – That which You Need To Understand

It has additionally grown into a stage where it is now a 250 million dollar business.


Just do it in case you would like to try kite surfing and get it done. To put it differently, you will find lots of strategies to learn kitesurfing vietnam. However you choose to master, yet, there isn’t any escaping the very fact which you should have get a kite surfing bundle.

A kite surfing bundle contains a harness, a kite, a plank as well as three items, all of which you’ll need to be able to turn your experience an enjoyable and safe one. You can find lots of sites out there which sell kiteboarding equipment bundle.

The great thing about a few of these online stores is the bundle are into the greatest for intermediate kiters the best for beginners as well as the greatest for advanced kiters. Do you know the differences?

Beginner’s Bundle

A beginner’s package could possess a kite that has an immediate relaunch attribute and has a lot of power. Kite boarding newbies frequently find it more easy to make use of a kite having lots of power since they are able to concentrate on enhancing their ride fast and honing their board abilities. A kiting board for newbies will not be difficult to browse in choppy water.

Intermediate/Professional program

Whether you’re are beginning to appreciate some independence on the water or still starting out, than to purchase each item individually, it is always easier to get a bundle. You’ll save countless dollars when you purchase a bundle. Another benefit is the fact that since the things are put by professional kiteboarders together, you could be certain the things within the bundle are best for the level of ability.

That actually depends. Greatest of professional package prices over $2,000., the most effective beginner bundle costs little Before purchasing, it might be best in the event you consult with a professional about the things that are enclosed, in other words, when they are actually great for you personally.

About You And Kite Surfing Video

It’s a 250-million business that may only keep on getting bigger and bigger. In the event you would like to enter the sport, you certainly are able to nevertheless, you should be aware of the sport isn’t for the fainthearted because, as we said before, it’s an extreme sport.

So that you can begin in the sport, you will find lots of things that you should get started – kit, a kite surfing plank, and security equipment.

There are over a hundred kite surfing moves in the event you would like to take pleasure in the sport that you can and ought to learn. Hunt for kite surfing videos, to understand what these moves are. There are many you could locate on Youtube.

But in case you would like to fast, you need to hire an educator to instruct you. You’ll find many one on one lessons you could benefit from. But that is only at one shop we discovered. It will be not impossible to seek out classes which are not more expensive than that.

After you have learned the fundamentals of kite surfing, it is possible to always check kite surfing videos out to supplement your learning.


Aside from Youtube, you can even hunt for kite surfing videos on kite surfing magazines that are on-line. Text content isn’t only offered by on-Line surfing magazines, they also offer videos for you to see and learn. You may have to cover a cost for them, but as with other things, you just get exactly what you really pay for.

But the majority of them the ones which are to the front page of Youtube, aren’t learning videos – most compilation videos about the finest kite surfing moves.

Why? As the board as well as the kite price at least $700 each. You need to have a look at at least three different shops and do some comparison shopping, in the event you would like to get those items more affordable.

You can find sites out there which offer closeout sales to the final items of a certain inventory. Additionally, there are sites offering discounts, coupons and freebies to its members that are new. Take a look at those sites are aware of the things they may be.

It’s possible for you to drive the wave on.